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Ribeye Steak - Kumamoto

$211.20 CAD

Weight: Only One Of Each Size Available

Only One Of Each Size Available
  • Price $30.5 / 100g
  • Authentic Wagyu beef imported from Japan
  • Thickness: approximately 0,75" (varies by weight)
  • Suggested portion per person 150g-200g
  • Bone removed
  • Product of Japan
  • Delivery every Friday in a temperature controlled vehicle

Treat yourself to a luxurious dining experience with our authentic Wagyu A5 straight from Japan.

Kumamoto cattle from the southern island of Kyushu are actually the only free-grazing cattle in all of Japan. They are also known to have a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat compared with any other breed. Given that the Kumamoto Wagyu is Japan's only free-grazing cattle, its meat is slightly leaner than its more popular sister varieties, balancing out the intensely buttery taste.





Customer Reviews

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Michael Ahn
A flavourful A5

The Kumamoto A5 provided an explosion of flavour. The juiciness and richness of this Kumamoto A5 is unparalleled.

Best steak we ever had!!

Ordered the Kumamoto last week to celebrate our wedding anniversary, deliver right on time. We seared the steak and grill over charcoal , perfect medium rare. My wife said it's the best Wagyu we ever had!!! Will be ordering again for our Xmas dinner!!


We don’t eat red meat often, but this 5A WAGYU from Japan taste exceptionally great. It felt healthy eating it.
Thanks to viandes crystal.