Boneless Striploin Steak | Wagyu Striploin Steak | Viandes Crystal

Boneless Striploin Steak (MBS 8-9)

$71.40 CAD

Weight: Only One Of Each Size Available

Only One Of Each Size Available
  • Price: 17.5$ / 100g
  • American Wagyu
  • Beef Marbling Score (MBS): 8-9
  • Thickness: approximately 1,50" (varies by weight)
  • Suggested portion per person 350g-400g
  • Bone removed
  • Product of the United States of America
  • All Natural, vegetarian diet, zero Antibiotics
  • Delivery every Friday in a temperature controlled vehicle.

All natural beef, raised with the highest standards, on a vegetarian and no antibiotics.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Olivier Savard
    Incredible steak

    For the carnivore that I am, I am quite late to the ultra premium steak game. Was looking for some A5 for the holidays and stumbled upon Viandes Crystal through my research. Pleasantly surprised by the price of the A5 (similar/cheaper price vs. Coscto in bulk, but better service, better package and local business on top of that). Ordered 2 of these BMS 8-9 American Wagyu Striploins, had one so far, and well it is a top 3 ever steak for me, same for my friend who's been working in the restaurant/ hospitality business all his adult life. Hopefully they will have some more available soon! Thanks guys :)

    Ken Q
    Cannot go back

    Once you try this piece of meat, you definitely can't go back ! If you still see it available .. hurry up and grab a piece.. because it's sold out really fast!!

    Cindy chan
    Absolutely delicious!

    I was intimidated the first time I cooked it. I have never cooked a steak with this level of marbling. After courageously reverse searing, it came out perfectly medium rare with a beautiful crust. My 2 boys were asking for more!!!

    Bold beefy-ness, juicy and SOOO tender. Finger licking good! So much we reordered and tried it on the BBQ!

    Jacques Forcier
    Fortement recommandé

    J'ai voulu tenter une première expérience avec les Viandes Crystales et j'ai été totalement satisfait. La qualité de la viande est irréprochable et fait compétition aux coupes servies dans les meilleurs steakhouse en ville pour une fraction du prix. La tendreté de la chair, le persillage de même que le fondant du gras étaient tous à la hauteur, je me suis régalé! Bien hâte de répéter l'expérience. Je recommande à tou(te)s de l'essayer sans hésitation.

    Pierre P

    Great service and great product. Will order again!