Cooking Japanese A5 Wagyu Much Easier Then You Think

Cooking Japanese A5 Wagyu Much Easier Then You Think

Cooking an expensive piece of A5 Wagyu can feel stressful and sometimes might discourage people from ever buying a piece and cooking it at home. I used to be one of these people. I worried about ruining such a gorgeous and expensive piece of meat that I would stick to my tried and true American Dry Aged Steaks.

After a few failed attempts following Youtube videos that recommended searing 1 minute each side that under cooked the A5 I found the best way to pan fry a 500g and under A5 is the following for medium rare

  • keep the steak in the fridge, no need to let it come to room temperature
  • heat a cast iron or cast aluminum frying pan at medium high
  • cut a bit of fat off the A5 to grease up pan
  • drop the steak in the frying pan 2-3 minutes for the first side
  • flip and sear for another 2 minutes
  • take out of frying pan and place on serving plate or cutting board
  • let it rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting (very important as this lets the juices redistribute and the core temperature to come up a bit more)
  • cut into slices and enjoy

Some people like to do salt and pepper before cooking, I like to use a pinch of kosher salt on each piece before taking my bite for that extra crunch and texture.

Cooking times may vary from different stoves and frying pans but in general A5 is very forgiving. Under cooked? Not a problem just fire up the frying pan again and sear for an extra minute or 2 each side. I've had clients that overcooked and guess what, it still tasted amazing and not dry at all. The fat content and intense marbling help keep the meat from drying out when cooking.

If you have any other questions, the staff here at Viandes Crystal are always happy to offer up cooking tips or ideas. Just email or message us anytime!!!