Differences between Japanese and American Wagyu

Differences between Japanese and American Wagyu

Differences between Japanese and American Wagyu? This is the common theme of questions we get from clients and we’ll try to summarize. To start Wagyu is a breed of cow that comes only from Japan and American Wagyu is a crossbreed of American Cattle with Japanese Wagyu.

The highest quality Wagyu we carry is the A5 Japanese Wagyu which will be of the highest marbling you can find in Wagyu. This will be very rich and taste very different from the American Wagyu. If you want to know what authentic Japanese Wagyu tastes like this is what you want to try.

Our American Wagyu is hand picked to find the best pieces possible when we purchase from our suppliers. We start with the marbling score of 6-7 (MBS 6-7) the lowest that Viandes Crystal carries. This will have the least amount of marbling of our products but should not be ignored because it packs a full beef flavor that surpasses many high end steakhouse Primes cuts.

Next comes the MBS 8-9, my personal and a favorite of majority of our clients, that has a nice amount of marbling and the right balance of being able to eat like a steakhouse steak with the flavors and textures of a Japanese Wagyu.

Finally there’s the MBS 10+ which is not something we have in stock all the time. The MBS 10+ will be one of the closest thing to Japanese A5 that the American Wagyu we carry can get. The marbling will be higher than the MBS 8-9 and you can see the difference when you cook it from the amount of natural oil that comes out when searing. I don't even put oil in the pan prior to dropping the steak into the frying pan. The 10+ will coat your mouth in the Wagyu fat but still eat like a high end steak. I highly recommend this one as an alternative when people want something less expensive than the Japanese A5.

All four of these taste very different and try them all for a different experience with each one. Keep in mind that most of our cuts are meant to be shared and enjoyed as an experience and not as a full meal on it’s own. Orders your today with contactless Delivery or Pick-up.